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How to rearrange your room for the Christmas tree

How to rearrange your room for the Christmas tree

Christmas is once again nearly upon us and so it’s time to start making plans, including where to put this year’s tree.

Often a topic of debate within households, the position of the Xmas tree sometimes changes from year to year, as you try to give it prominence without it dominating the room or being placed where you’re likely to stumble in to it after a few sherries.

Here we offer five tips on things to consider when rearranging your room.

1) Pre-planning prevents presents (from being crushed)

Moving a tree after it’s been decorated is often not an easy task and so taking a few minutes to properly consider its placement is highly recommended.

Roughly laying out the positioning of the tree and moving any items of furniture accordingly is time well spent. There are some more tips on placement below but, generally speaking, aim to position the tree where it will sit for a few weeks without being in the way. It doesn’t necessarily need to be placed particularly prominently if this means it’ll cause an obstruction – after all, with mega watts’ worth of flashing lights and several tonnes of tinsel, it’s likely to be seen quite clearly in all but the largest of rooms.

Bear in mind that if the tree is placed near to where household members are regularly walking past, needles and decorations are more likely to be knocked off and the tree’s positioning will generally become an annoyance. Also, remember that presents placed under the tree will often spill out from underneath and you’ll want to avoid a trip hazard, and squashed presents.

Place a marker, such as a few boxes, where you think the tree should sit. You can then ponder and debate with the family before decorating begins (debate, not argue – remember, it’s the season of goodwill).

Christmas tree positioning

2) Cook the turkey, not the tree

If you opt for a natural tree, ensure that it’s not too close to radiators or any other heating element, as the excessive heat could hasten its demise.

Avoiding placing the tree near to heaters and the like will also ensure that heat continues to circulate properly around the room, which is of course especially important during winter.

3) Let there be light

Try to avoid the tree obstructing windows. Preventing natural light coming in to the room during the daytime is likely to result in you switching on lights earlier than you ordinarily would, which in turn could mean a larger than average electricity bill, come the new year.

Additionally, encouraging natural light during the winter months is great for the ambience of the room and, as studies have shown, generally better for our mood.

4) Time for a declutter?

Making space is often a challenge and so, before you put the tree in to your living room, why not take the opportunity to declutter? Removing any items that should either be in another room or would be best just disposed of not only clears space, but also helps to make things extra clean and tidy ahead of the festivities.

5) Do you truly need all of your furniture?

Whilst clearing away magazines and the like will help, to really create space it’s worth considering whether you can remove any furniture within the room, either temporarily or permanently. Moving a piece of furniture – for example smaller side cabinets - to another room or the garage for the Christmas period can often ease space constraints.

That said, take critical stock of the furniture in your room and ask yourself whether it’s serving a functional purpose or whether it’s actually merely decorative and taking up space. If it’s the latter, then this would be a great time to either sell the item or donate it to a local charity furniture shop. That way, not only is there more space for the tree but, when the tree is removed after the Xmas period, your room will feel more spacious, which in itself is a great start to the new year.

And finally…

Christmas tree placement

Wherever you put your tree during this festive period, from all of us here at Unni and Evans we wish you a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

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