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How to bring some yellow sunshine into your living room decor

How to bring some yellow sunshine into your living room decor

Yellow is becoming ever-more popular within living room decors across the UK and here we give you a brief introduction to the trend and how best to apply it within your house or flat.

Is yellow a good choice for my living room?

Many perceive yellow to be a very warm colour and the brighter shades can certainly help to emulate the feeling of a ray of sunshine within a living room. If there’s plenty of natural light already in the room then introducing bright yellow will enhance this, whilst equally if the room isn’t naturally bright, yellow can bring some ‘artificial sunshine’ with it.

From a psychological point of view, yellow is generally associated with positivity, optimism and happiness. It can enhance mood and stimulate activity. That said, too much of it within a room can tip the balance and become unsettling on the eye and the mind, according to studies.

Yellow living room

Is it best suited to modern or traditional decors?

It’s generally a more contemporary choice, especially in the brighter shades. If you have a more traditional living room décor, yellow can certainly still work, but it’s then best to use a darker shade, such as a mustard colour.

Is yellow too much of a bold choice?

If it’s too dominant then it probably will be – after all, yellow is the brightest colour on the spectrum and therefore the most noticeable to the human eye. Bearing this in mind, it’s about using it sparingly.

Using yellow as a primary colour in a room is only for the brave and so it’s generally accepted that it’s better to use it as a secondary colour, or as simply an accent colour.

How can I use yellow as a secondary colour within the room?

One great way to introduce it to the décor as a secondary colour, without going overboard, is to apply it to one ‘feature wall’, or alternatively to curtains or blinds, and then have the rest of the room’s colour scheme relatively neutral.

Where can I apply yellow as an accent colour?

You can use yellow as an accent colour on smaller items within the room. The possibilities are almost endless, but cushions, rugs, vases, picture frames and lamp shades are some of the most popular items to do this with.

When you pick out yellow as an accent colour in this way, it doesn’t even need to be the dominant colour within the piece. For example, the cushion could have a subtle yellow pattern – just enough to visually associate it with the yellow elsewhere in the décor.

What about yellow furniture?

Yellow furniture can set the room’s secondary colour although it’s not as easy to source as some other colours, plus you do run the risk of becoming ‘too yellow’. Furniture is a big investment to make and if you’re worried about getting it wrong, it’s probably best to alternatively bring out the secondary colour on a wall, window dressing or other smaller and cheaper element.

That said, furniture can sometimes feature yellow secondary or accent colours on buttons, handles or drawers, and if you can find suitable pieces then this could be an option.

Which colours work well with yellow?

Grey is undoubtedly a very popular modern choice as a room’s primary colour to work with yellow, as it provides a calm contrast that usually always coordinates well. Many shades of blue also work successfully.

What if I need more inspiration?

Here’s one of the most popular current Pinterest boards for yellow living rooms. We hope that you enjoy exploring yellow as a possibility for your room’s new décor!

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