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Indian boat wood furniture at its finest…

The stunning new Chamba range is handmade from reclaimed Indian boat wood. There’s a rich and interesting history to every Chamba piece, as the wood has been salvaged from old Indian boats within various regions of southern India. These boats have been used for purposes such as fishing over the past two centuries and when these vessels are dismantled the wood is ideal for repurposing rather than disposal. Reclaimed furniture has become extremely popular in recent years, as many consumers recognise the physical and environmental merits of repurposed wood, and it’s because of this trend that collections such as the Chamba range were born.

Full of vibrant colour and rustic charm, the wood used is incredibly distinctive and yet can actually blend very successfully with a variety of decors. The furniture has hints of rustic and industrial and, as you can see from the lifestyle photography featured with each product, these influences work extremely well if you’re looking to achieve a refreshing and original décor within your home.

Complementing the reclaimed wood, most items have a welded, cast iron frame. This provides a rigid and robust structure, which means that you’ll be able to enjoy your furniture for years and years to come.

As every piece is hand-finished by skilled craftsmen, each item is truly unique, which is another extremely appealing aspect for many of our customers. It’s the antithesis of ‘manufactured’ furniture and as a result each item has unique character, which really comes across when placed in your home.

Whilst the range is smaller than most of our other reclaimed collections, the items produced ensure you are able to furnish your living room, dining area or bedroom with distinction.