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Dark wood furniture at its best…

Solid walnut furniture is a superb choice for any modern living room, bedroom or dining room, exuding a richness that few other styles can match. Walnut has excellent physical qualities - it's a premium, high quality hardwood, with a dense grain. By its very nature it is ideal for producing durable and sturdy dark wood furniture.

As well as being robust, it’s also a versatile furniture choice, coordinating well with a wide variety of decors, often providing a dark contrast to lighter coloured walls, floors and other furnishings.

Reflecting the growing popularity of walnut furniture, we now have three bestselling ranges for you to choose from. The Orsina range features exceptional build quality, crafted purely from solid walnut, with no veneers. Other hallmarks of the collection’s quality include dovetailed joints and tongue and groove backs. In addition, each piece is finished with a highly resilient satin lacquer, which protects the wood as well as helping to bring out its natural beauty.

Orsina’s sister range, the Sola collection, is in essence very similar, albeit with softer edges. The dining tables and chairs are equally suitable for either of the two ranges, which is why you’ll see them feature on both of the collections’ pages.

The two similar yet distinct collections provide customers with a choice of styles and both have proven to be equally popular since being introduced. Both ranges include a wide selection of bestselling pieces, including sideboards, dining tables, TV stands, shoe cupboards and desks, as well as some, less common items, such as monk’s benches.

A very different dark wood style than either Orsina or Sola, our third range is by far the most contemporary of the three. It has Scandi influences and is handmade in the UK by a small team of highly skilled craftsmen. Fashioned in a very unique style, the choice of accent colours on drawers and doors helps to create a range of statement furniture that is truly unique.

Every piece of furniture we feature here at Unni and Evans isn’t readily available within traditional furniture shops on the high street and therefore you can always be assured that you’ll be bringing something distinct into your home.

In addition to offering high quality, unique furniture, we also pride ourselves on providing a high level of personal service to each and every one of our customers. This starts with answering any questions you may have about our walnut furniture, or indeed any other items within our ranges. Whilst we try to provide as much detail as possible on each product page, we understand that choosing furniture is a very thorough process and so if you have a query, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our contact page, as we’re always happy to help.

Please be advised that we’re delighted to also provide free and friendly delivery throughout mainland UK, on any item. We hope that you enjoy browsing the site and that you find something that’s ideal for your home.