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Industrial dining tables are just the start….

Of all the industrial furniture that we offer here at Unni and Evans, our industrial dining tables are consistently amongst the best-selling items. However, the story certainly doesn’t end there, as we provide an extensive choice of industrial furniture pieces for every room of your home.

Industrial style furniture is inspired by the industrial age, which began in the late 18th century. It’s certainly a very unique type of furniture and it’s somewhat ironic that although it’s nowadays considered a very contemporary style, it’s heavily influenced by a bygone era dating back over the past two centuries.

The fact that it continues to be such a fashionable furniture choice is easy to understand. Wood and metal are combined to stunning contemporary effect, to create extremely hard-wearing and robust furniture. Every piece exudes charm and unique character, and is very much the anthesis of more traditional and popular furniture styles. It’s unashamedly ‘statement furniture’ and certainly no longer the domain of just cafes, restaurants and bars, as many are now choosing it for their dining room, kitchen, living room or bedroom.

‘Industrial chic’ also has very practical benefits. By its very nature, it’s utilitarian – solidly built and robust. This not only ensures you’ll have great looking furniture that will stand the test of time, but there’s also the added benefit that you can get away with the odd scratch or dent – after all, some slight distressing is often accepted as very much part of the look.

Indeed, many ranges have a distressed appearance from new, and this is sometimes due to the fact that the wood used is reclaimed. This eco-friendly aspect is yet another attraction for many.

All of the above has resulted in an increasing number of homeowners falling for the charms of industrial. If you’re considering industrial chic furniture then it’s advisable to have a suitable décor in which to place it in. Natural stone or wood flooring is highly recommended, with stone walls and/or exposed brickwork really bringing out the traditional aspects of the style.

That said, you don’t necessarily need to opt for a stark choice of décor, as the trend is also gathering pace as a result of ‘soft industrial’ furniture becoming more popular. A less stark alternative to the traditional style, the softer approach is still inherently industrial, but has a smoother and less weathered look to the wood and metal, thereby making it easier to integrate with more standard domestic decors.

Here at Unni and Evans we offer a variety of ranges, each with their own distinctive style. As mentioned above, dining tables and chairs are certainly our most popular items, and this is partly due to the fact that some customers repurpose the dining tables and instead use them as office desks. Coffee tables, sideboards and bedside tables are also amongst our current bestsellers.

We pride ourselves not only on great furniture but also on great service, which includes free delivery on any item, anywhere within mainland UK. If you have any questions whatsoever please always feel free to get in touch with us via our contact page. We’ll leave you to browse our ranges and we hope you’ll enjoy your shopping experience here at Unni and Evans.