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Introducing the Laddingford range…

The exceptional Laddingford collection will add a sophisticated touch to any traditional home. Each item is hand-crafted from solid mahogany and made to particularly high standards. Features such as dovetail joints on the drawers, hand-carved fluted slides, decorative back panelling and antiqued brass bow handles demonstrate the attention to detail throughout the range.

Additionally, to protect the wood, a premium quality mid-gloss lacquer has been applied, which protects and also maintains the beauty of the dark wood.

Mahogany furniture remains a popular choice for traditional houses and flats. Not only is it an elegant and sophisticated style but, with mahogany being a renowned hardwood, it’s synonymous with a high quality end product that will stand the test of time.

Whilst it’s fair to say that mahogany furniture is usually associated with more conservative interiors, as you can see from the product photography, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the setting needs to be very formal. That said, as the furniture is inherently dark, it’s worth carefully considering the surrounding interior design and striking a balance between light and dark. Indeed, to ensure the room doesn’t feel too oppressive, consider bringing some lighter touches to the interior via elements such as the curtains, carpets, rugs or cushions.