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Traditional industrial furniture…

Industrial furniture has been an emerging trend for the past three decades, but arguably it’s now more popular than ever before, partly due to the fact that there are now more variants of the style available. Furniture with industrial influences, but a softer, domestic edge, can now be seen in many high-street stores – a sign that the style has very much gone mainstream. However, if you’re a fan of what would be considered the traditional style of industrial furniture, then the London range might well be for you.

Inspired by the old industrial London docklands, a significant proportion of the collection is focused on dining room furniture, with a wide choice of dining chair and table styles, but there are also items for the kitchen, living room, bedroom and hallway.

Aesthetics are of course vitally important with this type of furniture and careful attention has been paid to the design of each item, culminating in a unique and innovative collection of furniture.

Wood and metal are staples of industrial furniture and these elements are abundant in the raw and authentic London range, which has a plentiful amount of turn-of-the-century charm. Indeed, much of the collection is a fusion of mango wood and steel, providing the traditional industrial look and, ultimately, very sturdy and robust furniture pieces.

As the London range is very raw and authentic in style it’s certainly best suited to rooms where the wider décor is also trying to recreate the traditional industrial look. Distressed floors and walls, plus other metal and wood combinations, will certainly help you to achieve this look and, if you need more guidance, you can learn more here about how to help bring the industrial style to your house or flat.