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More about our Loxton range…

Industrial style furniture is now present in more homes than ever before and our popular Loxton collection is very much a part of this movement.

Industrial-influenced furniture has been emerging for the past twenty years or so, both within the UK and throughout the world. However, in the past few years the style has become much more mainstream and is certainly no longer confined to designer flats within redeveloped warehouses and the like. Indeed, the trend is spreading to suburbia partly thanks to the greater number of variants on the traditional style, and the Loxton range is a perfect example of this.

If you’re looking for an authentic industrial style with a contemporary twist, then Loxton could be ideal for you. The range is crafted from an impressive blend of brushed metal and reclaimed pine wood, offering an environmentally friendly aspect to the sturdy, factory-inspired design. The rustic nature of the wood benefits from unique imperfections, which add to the character of each piece, while the dark grey, powder-coated metal frame provides a stylish, long-lasting finish.

As demonstrated here in the products’ lifestyle photography, whilst the range is certainly able to coordinate with carpets, it’s ideally suited to natural styles of flooring (for example, wood or slate) and perhaps even a room with stone walls or some exposed brickwork, in keeping with the slightly raw industrial look.