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Uniquely colourful drawers…

This select range of drawers is perennially popular here at Unni and Evans.

Rather than conforming to one precise style, the Manchester range instead draws influences from a number of areas, including vintage British furniture. Each set of drawers demonstrates a modern twist on traditional styles and, as such, they work well within a wide variety of decors.

Items from the Manchester range are handcrafted, making each piece truly unique. What’s more, each set of drawers is made from mango wood, which is a densely grained hardwood with strong structure, making it ideal for furniture of this nature. As a result, each chest is a sturdy, high quality piece of furniture that will stand the test of time.

The standout feature of these pieces are undoubtedly the eclectic, multi-coloured drawers, available in a selection of lighter or darker shades of wood and pastel colours. These colour schemes offer something truly unique and original, whilst also enabling you to colour-coordinate drawers with accent colours within the room – for example, perhaps matching an aqua green drawer with similar coloured cushions or curtains. That said, as it’s such an eclectic and somewhat bohemian style of furniture, the drawers can work well even if they don’t match with anything else in the room, and indeed this is most probably another reason for their enduring appeal.

Another benefit of each item is the multiple, varying-sized drawers. These offer a wide choice of practical storage options.

The units are predominantly designed for the bedroom but will work equally well within a living room or hallway, and indeed that is where many customers have previously situated these drawers.