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Contemporary oak furniture at its very best...

When it comes to hardwood furniture, oak is undoubtedly the nation’s favourite choice, and for good reason. Not only is oak an ideal wood for making robust and long-lasting furniture with, but it also has aesthetic qualities that few other timbers can match, which means it looks great in any room of the house. It’s also a wood that’s in relatively plentiful supply, and therefore high quality doesn’t necessarily need to come at a high price.

As well as looking great, being inexpensive and sturdy, oak also has other distinctive qualities which help it to stand out from the rest. It’s a wood type that blends incredibly well with a wide variety of interior decors and this flexibility can be a very appealing selling point for many. As acknowledged above, oak will look great in mostly any room, but it doesn’t dominate, and so bolder choices of curtains, carpets or wall colours will often still work well with your new furniture.

Finally, oak is also a style that rarely becomes dated. Good quality furniture should last for decades and can often outlast several redecorations of a room. Accordingly, furniture should ideally be versatile enough to move seamlessly with these transitions in decor and oak has a timeless quality that few others can match.

When it comes to oak there is an abundance of choice on the market but we focus on a few select ranges that are chosen for both their contemporary aspects and the quality of craftsmanship applied when making each and every piece. We only list furniture made of solid oak and high grade timber – it’s long-lasting and excellent quality, giving you the peace of mind that you’ll have beautiful, modern furniture for years to come.