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Introducing the Orsina range…

The ever-popular Orsina collection is a sumptuous walnut furniture range crafted from the highest grade of walnut. The build quality of this collection is exceptional, featuring only solid wood, and no veneers. Each piece is finished with a resilient satin lacquer, protecting the wood and drawing out its natural beauty.

Orsina is very similar to its sister range – the Sola collection. The only significant difference is the shaping of the individual pieces and so which one to choose is very much down to personal preference. The Orsina range has very defined lines and sharper edges, whereas the Sola range has more rounded edges.

The Orsina collection includes pieces for the living room, dining room, home office and hallway, with dining tables, desks and coffee tables being the most frequently purchased items currently.

Walnut in general is becoming an increasingly popular dark wood furniture choice. An increasing number of homeowners are realising how walnut can provide an understated and yet sophisticated ambience to a room. It’s also a versatile style – much like oak, it can coordinate with a variety of interiors and isn’t strictly defined as being either traditional or modern.

As well as its ability to enhance a room and blend with various décor styles, solid walnut wood is also a premium quality hardwood, and therefore makes for sturdy and robust furniture which will last for many years to come.