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More about our painted wood furniture ranges…

Painted furniture is more popular than ever before, aided by an unprecedented range of choice and a greater diversity of styles within the marketplace. It’s furniture that has the ability to brighten up any room and can enhance the overall colour scheme without being overbearing.

This style of furniture is certainly not new and indeed has been a staple choice for UK homes up and down the country for decades. However, in recent years designs have become more modern, distinctive and adventurous, which ties in with an overall interior trend, whereby homeowners are not inclined to simply follow the crowd, but instead furnish their home with something that the neighbours won’t necessarily have. Rather than keeping up with the Joneses, as the old expression goes, as a nation we’d rather be that little bit different, and this is certainly something to be celebrated.

Our painted furniture collections are beautifully crafted, high quality lines that feel as good as they look. We offer a variety of colours, with the perennially popular grey and white choices being amongst our best-selling ranges. That said, in keeping with the growing trend mentioned above, multicoloured and partially-painted furniture is making its way in to more and more homes.

Another current trend is furniture that combines painted bases with unpainted, rustic tops / surfaces, and this is certainly something that’s embraced within a number of our collections. This style is often seen as a win-win – encompassing all of the aesthetic charm that painted pieces can offer whilst also featuring the natural beauty of real wood.

Each of our ranges are carefully chosen to ensure you’ll welcome furniture in to your home that will immediately delight you and will then serve you well for many, many years to come.