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Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Sustainable furniture at its very best…

Reclaimed wood furniture is becoming an increasing popular choice for homes throughout the UK. There are a number of appealing aspects, which helps to explain why it’s very much an ‘on trend’ furniture style that looks set to become even more popular as time goes on.

The fact that it’s so environmentally friendly is undoubtedly a key attraction for many. Britain alone disposes of approximately 5 million tonnes of wood every single year, which is a terrible waste, especially when much of this timber could instead be repurposed. In recent years, thankfully an increasing amount of good quality timber is being retrieved and put to great use as sustainable furniture pieces.

As well as the eco-friendly aspect, there are also very practical reasons why this style of furniture is becoming so popular. Reclaimed timber is inherently strong and robust and is therefore ideal for making good quality furniture. Whether the timber spent a past life as part of a domestic or commercial building, or perhaps even as part of an old Indian fishing boat, the wood has already had a past life and stood the test of time.

In addition to being sturdy, the wood usually also has a slightly weathered, distressed look. This is both visually appealing and practically beneficial – if you make the odd mark or scrape, as invariably happens when owning furniture over time, then it’ll simply add further character to the piece, rather than making it look imperfect or damaged.

A further attraction is that sustainable furniture has an abundance of distinction and rustic charm and, as it’s made from old timber, each piece is truly unique. It’s also a tremendously eclectic style and can take many different forms, as you can see here from the diverse ranges that we offer.

Finally, not only is reclaimed great for the environment and your home, but it’s also easy on the wallet. Most items are cheaper than ‘brand new wood’ equivalents, which means you’ll enjoy solid wood furniture at a lower price point than other choices.

This style is a particular favourite of ours here at Unni and Evans and we offer a number of high quality collections with varying finishes, which will integrate well within most kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms or bedrooms.